1. Communication throughout the CTF will be via Discord. For all ground truths regarding challenges, questions, and memes join the discord and ask an organizer (with the @org role).
  2. For the qualifying event team size is unlimited. For finals team size is limited to five people.
  3. To qualify as an academic team all five members sent to the finals event must be current undergraduates and 24 or younger.
  4. Academic teams may bring a sixth person as a mentor, there are no education or age restrictions for this person. This person may assist the team but not directly play.
  5. The top 8 Academic teams and the top 8 Professional teams will qualify for the in-person finals event.
  6. If you need to cheat, you shouldn’t be here, immediate disqualification. Our qualifying event is easy, only skilled people will have a chance to succeed at finals.
  7. Would you kick a puppy? Steal candy from a baby? Harming infra is just as bad, immediate disqualification.
  8. Bullying of all kinds is not permitted. Sexual harrasment of any kind is not permitted. Any violations will result in a team's immediate disqualification.
  9. Writeups may be requested from winning teams to attend the finals event.
  10. If you have any issues contact an organizer.
  11. All teams are required to have fun. Apply alcohol liberally.

Qualifying Event Prizes

  1. First place team will win $500 in DigitalOcean credits and 3 Binary Ninja licenses.
  2. Second place team will win $300 in DigitalOcean credits and 2 Binary Ninja licenses.
  3. Third place team will win $200 in DigitalOcean credits and 1 Binary Ninja license.
  4. The Master of Speed Pwn will win 1 Binary Ninja license. Master of Speed Pwn is the team who successfully completes the most speed pwns in the shortest cumulative time.
  5. All teams, who solve at least one challenge, will receive $100 in DigitalOcean credits.
  6. Contact to distribute prizes will be made via the email used to register the team.

Qualifying for the Finals Event

  1. The top 8 teams from both the professional and academic scoreboards will qualify to attend the in-person finals event in Stockholm Sweden. Academic teams may only qualify if they meet the Viking Rule (see below).
  2. An academic team is a team exclusively composed of undergraduate students of 24 years of age or younger.
  3. The Viking Rule is simply that if a Swedish viking, using modern Swedish borders, could have gotten on a ship and invaded your country by traveling in a straight line then your team is eligible to qualify for the finals event as an academic team. This includes RU, NO, DK, LV, LT, EE, FI, PL, DE, FR and UK.
  4. Professional teams are not restricted by the Viking Rule.