The 5th Annual Midnight Sun CTF

HackingForSoju managed to pull themselves out of their (soju) bottles to scrape together yet another CTF event. Come guess our flags, OSINT our organizers, and if you qualify, come get drunk with us at our finals event in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dates: Sat, 20 August 2022, 10:00 UTCSun, 21 August 2022, 10:00 UTC


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of challenges will I encounter in the event?

    We stick with tradition. All challenges will fall under the categories of binary exploitation, reverse engineering, cryptography, web exploitation, and miscellaneous.

  • How long will the event last?

    This is a 24 hour, continuously running CTF event.

  • What format is the event in?

    This is a jeopardy style CTF designed for university to professional level participants.

  • What is the flag format?

    All flags will be in the format of midnight{*} unless otherwise stated.

  • What difficulty level is the CTF?

    The qualifying event has easier and harder challenges and is generally easier than the finals event, which is significantly more challenging.

  • Where can I reach an organizer or ask a question?

    Organizers can be found in the discord or on twitter.

  • How many people can play on a team?

    There is no team size limit for the qualifying event, however only five team members will be permitted to attend the finals event.

  • Can a team be a mix of undergrad and professional players?

    Yes, however such teams would be considered industry teams and would not qualify as a university team for the finals event.